Battlefront 2 joystickem

When in the fall of 2017 Battlefront 2 came out, developers didn't add joystick support. But control fly in space with mice is not quite perfect…

This is the way how to use joystick Thrustmaster T.16000M in the game:

TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

The joystick functionality in the game Star Wars Battlefront 2 ensures TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator.

  1. download 64-bit version of the emulator
  2. .exe file inside the archive you neeed to copy in the root Battlefront 2 folder
  3. in the same folder you need to add files from this archive
  4. run the emulator <path-to-game>\STAR WARS Battlefront II\x360ce_x64.exe
  5. on the tab Game Settings choose the row with game starwarsbattlefrontii.exe
  6. hit button Start in tab My Game Settings
You can change layout of buttons/axes in the tab Controller #.