New juice for the e-book reader

Replacing the LiPo battery in the e-book reader.
(at your own risk)
The operating time of Nook Simple Touch has shortened after 3 years of use at about half and several times appeared suddenly voltage drops, which make it out of the blue not useable at all. Because the new e-readers do not yield any substantial improvements (increased resolution of e-paper, have a handy backlight), it's worth giving the old iron new juice.

The original LiPo battery (McNair, 3,7 V/1530 mAh) we replace new with higher capacity X-Longer CS-BNR003SL, 3,7 V/2150 mAh, sells i. e. Singaporean eForBuer or Czech Techtek).

Building materials:

  • double-sided adhesive tape(ca 3 cm)


  • screwdriver TORX T5x50
  • a narrow flat screwdriver

Battery replacement procedure:

  1. With a thin screwdriver or a knife we slightly lift up the plastic cover of the on/off switch on the back of the e-reader.
  2. With TORX screwdriver we loose and pull out the screw under the switch cover.
  3. We grab the sides of the e-reader in the middle, slight pressure with both inches in the direction away from the switch we move the bottom cover about 2—3 mm.
  4. Carefully we disengage the bottom cover. Watch out for the cable of the battery.
    We disconnect the cable by pulling the connector by pushing on the plastic overhangs.
  5. The original battery is glued to the back casing with the transparent tape. The tape we carefully tear off.
  6. Double-sided adhesive tape holds the new battery in place.
  7. We put the battery carefully on the original spot.
    The weight of the new battery is slightly higher, it is the reason why we utilize the original opening for battery really all.
  8. The cable connector from the battery we attach to the original slot.
  9. We assemble the e-reader by placing and pushing the back cover. We secure the cover with thumbscrew.
e-book reader Nook Simple Touch