Move with your Origin game

Amount of data which games for Windows PC keep on your hard/SSD drive should be pretty high, even over 50 GB. Then, when you want to move a game to another place and you are using Electronic Arts's digital distribution channel Origin, you will be search the “Move” function but to no avail.

V-Room Glider

Pokojo-vé házedlo
The flight characteristics of the larger models you can test in bad weather at home on small room-sized gliders cutted out of EPP boards.

With fighter into the sky

Avia B-135
Into the sky you can get the Czechoslovakian fighter aircraft Avia B-135 thanks to the kit of Mark Rokowski.

Turris Omnia – router for the household

Turris Omnia

The router is the door to most household’s data. Real door security to the house or apartment underestimates hardly anybody, but a discreet box that separates data in the home and in the outside world is often neglected.

Lego EV3 and the Droid Factory

Lego EV3 a IPy Notebook
The simple design of the conveyor belt we use as a trainer on which we'll test the Motor, Touch Sensor and Color Sensor.